Dialogue and Diplomacy: The Vatican's and World Council of Churches' Involvement in Hindu-Christian Relations (German Research Foundation)

From 2019–2023 I am analysing the contribution of the Vatican and the World Council of Churches to Hindu-Christian relations. My project is is funded by the German Research Foundation. You can read more about my project here.

Hindu-Christian Dialogue in a Religiously Plural World (OCHS)

This project seeks to analyse how Hindu-Christian dialogue negotiates the plurality of interests and tasks between theological dialogue and public diplomacy. The project is envisaged to grow into a research group that brings together academics with a shared interest in Hindu-Christian dialogue. As a next step, the research team may widen its focus to include the dialogue by Hindu actors with religions other than Christianity. More here. Related with this project, I am coordinating, together with Shruti Dixit, the Network of Hinduism in Dialogue.

Jain-Catholic Dialogue

I am interested in the dialogue between Jains and Catholics both from an academic and participant's perspective. I am currently working on a collaborative book with a small group of Jains. More on this soon.

Interreligious art

How can we think about interreligious art, and what are the potential benefits and pitfalls of seeking to facilitate learning processes through interreligious art works, performances and exhibitions? I also try to explore these issue through my own creative writing (see poems).