To Perotine Massey’s Son


I tell him of rabbits and lambs
He would prefer
Dragons and knights
Dressed in white,
With black scales
I say: doctors, priests,
Judges, and ordinary men
Can be heroes too








In my poems I explore faith, commitment and interreligious themes. My poems have appeared in print in Lost Country and Time of Singing and online in Calvary Cross, Crux Literary Journal, Fib Review, Ground: Poetry of Faith and Doubt, Hedgerow, Literary Yard, One sentence poems, Open Mouse, PILGRIM, poetry24, and verbatim. My first collection has just been accepted for publication (May 2022).











I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the composer Hans-Jürgen Gerung. He wrote the music and I the lyrics for "Gegenüber", a work for two cellos and reciter. The underlying theme was non-violence and inaction as action in different traditions.






In 2018 I won the first place in the Landschreiber literary competition in the category poetry. Reflecting on the different places where I have lived, I wrote a poem about how every person develops their own language along their life's journey.